About Us

Our Vision

Bizhub has been founded on the simple premise that doing business in India should be simpler and more seamless. To achieve our mission, we are creating a digital platform which offers a wide range of services required by start-ups during their entire life cycle i.e. from incorporation to reaching the growth stage. Bizhub would assist aspiring entrepreneurs with complicated incorporation legalities and documentation so that they can focus on their dream business instead of worrying about compliance and regulatory filings.

We aim atfacilitatingthe entrepreneurs to start a new business and ensuring that it remains regulatory compliant. Bizhub has a vision to encourage entrepreneurship and help small businesses compete more effectively by running a fully compliant business.

Who Are We

Bizhub has been promoted by Easy FortuneHub Private Limited in 2021to offer value-added services to SME customers and entrepreneurs. EFPL has established a digital retail loans platform www.forrtuna.com which offers an entire range of retail loan products viz. Personal Loans, Business Loans, Home Loan, Mortgage loans and Education Loans. Forrtuna has an all India network of business associates and has relationship with over 50 NBFC and Banks for offer these loans through its fintech platform.

Bizhub is a forward-thinking concept created by like-minded individuals to assist small, medium, and large businesses in meeting all Indian legal compliance requirements. It is a platform that is managed, operated, and driven in partnership with top-tier CAs, CSs, Lawyers, and Mentors with extensive experience in their fields. Our pricing, TAT, dedicated teams of professionals, which we call Compliance Managers, and digitally advanced platforms for client-serving, among other things, set us apart from the competition.

Our Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality of financial, accounting, and legal services through the internet. We understand the importance of technology in achieving the mission of delivering business services at an affordable range. We continually experiment and implement the latest technology to improve the processes for customer satisfaction.


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